Fire & Ice Plus CBD Irons Out Tension

Sore muscles from fun just got a whole lot more soothing. With Buddies Brand’s Fire & Ice hemp-derived CBD topical roll-on, get ready to tumble. This natural product aims to get you back in shape and back in action. 

Why Use CBD Topicals? Why Buddies’ Fire & Ice?

CBD topicals, and especially Buddies’ Fire & Ice, are a popular consumer option for home therapy. Reviews about our specific recipe include people sharing its effectiveness in treating arthritis, migraines, inflammation, muscle soreness, and pain. Originally designed for athletes, Fire & Ice has turned into a goto for many happy customers throughout America. 

Made with hemp-derived CBD, Fire & Ice is a cannabinoid medicated topical. Although most topicals won’t get you high because the cannabinoids won’t enter your bloodstream, your endocannabinoid system has reactors throughout your skin. Cannabinoids react with these receptors. The relationship between cannabinoids and the human endocannabinoid system has seemed pretty promising. CBD topicals have been found to provide relief from arthritis and pain without adverse effects in research performed on rat models. 

Now when picking a topical, texture is instrumental. Our base is water-soluble, which leaves no sticky residue or smell of alcohol. Instead, clean medication comes out of an easy to use roll-on applicator. After applying a small amount to points of concentration such as your joints, temples, or muscles, you work the remaining oil into your skin. It’s simple to use and perfect for those who are uninterested in the cerebral effects of CBD.

Buddies’ Cannabinoids Keep Good Company 

Our Fire & Ice roll-on carries many more active ingredients than CBD alone. Other active components include cinnamon, arnica, camphor, peppermint, eucalyptus, and menthol. Each of these essences is in the mix for its value as a naturopathic medicine. 

Camphor and menthol are respectively behind the hot and cold sensations. Camphor is an old medicine that may be effective in treating pain and inflammation in addition to helping people fall asleep and clearing up skin. Menthol is known to be an analgesic or a drug that acts to relieve pain. It also supplies a cooling sensation, which is considered by many to be soothing. 

We designed the combination of these two essences to close the pores and lock the topical into the skin. The cooling effect may then strengthen the anti-inflammatory qualities of our topical. The other essential oils are for their therapeutic value in general as a topical and as a holistic medicine. 

Fire & Ice Is Ready For National Distribution

Thanks to the Farm Bill, hemp distribution is legal on a federal level within the United States. Due to this, CBD products derived from hemp can be shipped and sold nationwide. Celebrate your freedom today with our relaxing Fire & Ice! 

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