Fire & Ice; How The 2014 Cannabis Cup Winning Product Got Started

In 2009, when DeeDee created the first iteration of her infused topical, she had no idea how far it would go. She wanted to make a homeopathic product that would work for her clients. At the time, DeeDee ran a wellness center in Washington. She knew the power of cannabis and wanted to bring it to more people in need. When she created her Fire&Ice infused topical, she had no idea that in 2014, it would win the High Times Cannabis Cup. 

Fire&Ice has been around for over a decade, being utilized on a vast array of patients in a holistic forum. DeeDee started using cannabis when her best friend’s mom was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and had a grapefruit-sized tumor in her leg. DeeDee helped her live far past her three-month diagnosis, treating her with only cannabis of three years. She was challenged to get the benefits of cannabis into her patients by many different routes. Capsules, tonics, and topicals helped reduce the tumor size by 75%. 

After her passing, DeeDee moved to California at the beginning of the medical realm in 2009. Then, she was making her products in her home and selling them to members of her medical collective. She joined with Eden’s Elixir in 2012 where she utilized one of the first CO2 machines in cannabis. In 2014, her partner entered Fire&Ice into the High Times Cannabis Cup in San Francisco, and it won. 

What Goes Into The Fire&Ice Topical? 

DeeDee utilizes her connection with mother earth to make the Fire&Ice topical. At one time, she was able to touch every human body to provide healing. When creating her product, she wanted to replicate her touch. The product utilizes hydrotherapy (hot and cold) and layering to create long-lasting effects. DeeDee believes that Fire&Ice honors the cannabis plant as well as the other plants in the formulation. The other essential oils in the formula are eucalyptus, tea tree, cinnamon bark, and peppermint oil, specifically chosen because they offer very therapeutic effects to the body from a topical standpoint.

Fire&Ice has helped users with frozen shoulders, migraines, menstrual cramps, phantom limbs and more. DeeDee brings integrity to Fire&Ice. “Integrity in what I do is very important to me. The devil is in the details; my research is multidimensional, multilayered, in multiple realms, and all-knowing. This is a product made by the people for the people, farm to table, not a major corporate putting out a cool lotion. There is purpose and education and mother nature behind it.”

Buddies Fire & Ice 

From 2014-2018, Fire & Ice was not available on the market. DeeDee was working to navigate the legalization of the recreational market. At the same time, she didn’t know which brand to produce her award-winning product with. When she met Buddies, she found that they shared passions. “It’s the same path, journey, and vision. Buddies create products that make their customers a buddy. They come back, they can rely on the product’s consistency. It was an honor to me when I was asked for this product to become a Buddies Wellness brand.” 

“I can’t say how much I love Buddies, we’re going to create healing for the world.” 

What’s Next

The Fire&Ice topical was formulated with cannabis from the beginning. Thanks to the farm bill, this product can be formulated with CBD and accessed by patients internationally. DeeDee & Buddies are working on more formulations to bring CBD and cannabis as medicine to more people who need it. DeeDee notes that this is a product made from the land made by people who believe in using the land as medicine. The entire theology and motto of the company is glorifying everything that mother nature has for the people. Fire&Ice, and the three new products DeeDee has in the works, all follow this motto. 


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  1. Can you make drops to soothe ear aches? Or would the fire and ice be able to sooth ear aches by putting it behind your ear? I want to be able to start my natural journey right. Love the confianza pills from ItWorks, wish we could afford! I also need to understand the strains of my products. I want to know that the ingrediants of the products is good and not tampered with because someone just needs the cash. Is crumble made due to cold temps? What is live resin in your aspects? And what does 710 mean, you have always looked at the clock at that time? I have. Please send states knowledge if no product is allowed!


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